Jed Mackay Is Set To Return In Black Cat for ‘Iron Cat’ A Miniseries Follows Felicia Hardy Teaming Up With Tony Stark

Jed Mackay Is Set To Return In Black Cat for 'Iron Cat'

Jed Mackay will return with writing duties on Black Cat for ‘Iron Cat‘, a miniseries that will see Felicia Hardy teaming up with Tony Stark to track down a stolen suit of armor and the thief wearing it. Pere Pérez is on art and the first issue of the book releases in June.

Jed Mackay Is Set To Return In Black Cat for 'Iron Cat'

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Announced by ComicsPro, Iron Cat will see Black Cat team up with Iron Man to investigate the reemergence of the extraordinary Iron Cat armor. First appearing in BLACK CAT #11, the armor stole the hearts of fans with its sleek design by artist C.F. Villa. But after a thrilling showdown, Felicia surrendered the armor back to Stark, so who is controlling the suit this time…?

Jed Mackay Is Set To Return In Black Cat for 'Iron Cat'

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“Curiosity may have killed the cat, but as always, satisfaction brings it back. It was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to the ongoing BLACK CAT series last year, but now what would have been the next arc in that series lives on in its own right — IRON CAT!” MacKay said. “The fan-favorite Iron Cat armor returns… but who’s in it this time? It certainly isn’t Felicia Hardy, as the Iron Cat comes gunning for her right off the bat. It’s a rare pleasure to have a second chance to pick up a story that you thought lost, and I’m really excited for people to rejoin Pere and I on another Black Cat adventure!”

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“I’ve been reading Jed’s BLACK CAT series for a while now, and it’s great to be a part of this storyline,” Pérez said. “I mean, there’s heists, chases, fights, Iron Man… You can’t go wrong with that. We’ll also see how some parts of Felicia’s past come back to haunt her. Felicia and Tony’s worlds are pretty much opposite, so you can imagine how crazy things can get if you make those two work together. Can’t wait to show everybody what we are cooking.”

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