Joe Rogan Talks About Hasbullah

The Mini Khabib star, who was born in Dagestan, made headlines after a rumored battle with Tajik musician Abdu Rozik. Rozik, 17, claims to weigh 38 pounds and stand 1 meter tall, although his stunted growth is owing to rickets, which he contracted as a child and which his parents were unable to treat due to their financial position.Hasbulla has a growth hormone deficit, but his infantile features and high-pitched voice have gone viral on social media. Mini Khabib’s social media fame has even piqued Rogan’s interest, who claims that “every time I open up Instagram, I see a small video of him.”


“It’s astonishing how rapidly they’ve boosted this guy’s platform,” Joe Rogan continued.”It’s like one small video went viral, and it wasn’t that long ago, and now there’s this enormous push behind him, and I see him everywhere.” I see a short video of him every time I open Instagram.” Hasbulla mocked UFC superstar Conor McGregor by declaring him as his next opponent following Rozik. The Instagram and TikTok sensation insisted on “punishing” McGregor, claiming that the Irishman “talks too much.”



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