Julia Ducournau’s ‘Titane’ New Trailer Dropped With Release Date

Julia Ducournau’s ‘Titane’ New Trailer

Neon has announced a theatrical release date for Titane, the distributor’s second Cannes Movie Pageant Palme d’Or winner after Bong Joon Ho’s 2019 Parasite, which went on to win a record Finest Image Oscar for an overseas film. Titane is set to reach cinemas on October 1st. Titane was bought by NEON once more in September of this year. watch the trailer below

The Titane is a film filmed and written by French director Julia Ducournau about a series of inexplicable murders in which a father is reunited with his missing kid after a ten-year absence. The image’s logline also reads, “Titane: A steel very resistant to heat and corrosion, with high tensile energy alloys.” Ducournau made the second woman.

Julia Ducournau’s ‘Titane’ New Trailer

Titane: A heat and corrosion-resistant metal with high tensile strength alloys that are frequently used in medical prostheses owing to its excellent biocompatibility. Agathe Rousselle and Vincent Lindon appear in the film. Jean-Christophe Reymond, Jean Yves Rubin, Cssandre Warnauts, Oliver Père, Philippe Logie, Anne-Laure Declerck, and Christophe Hollebek are the producers of Titane. The cameraman is Ruben Impens, while the editor is Jean-Christophe Bouzy.

With the release of her vegetarian-turned-cannibal, psycho-sexual shocker Raw in 2016, Julia Ducournau grabbed the horror scene by storm. It was a film that was sure to put even the most jaded horror lovers to the test!

Titane will release on October 1 in theaters.


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