Julia Ducournau’s Titane New Trailer With Release Date Aired

Julia Ducournau's Palme d'Or triumph for her second feature film Titane marked the return of the in-person Cannes Film Festival on a high note

Julia Ducournau’s Palme d’Or triumph for her second feature film Titane marked the return of the in-person Cannes Film Festival on a high note, making her only the second woman to ever win the coveted prize. While French audiences got the opportunity to see the award-winning picture immediately following the festival, American fans will have to wait until the fall, as a new theatre release date of October 1 has been announced. Just after the film’s announcement in 2019, NEON swiftly acquired the rights to release it in North America. check out the new trailer below.


The filmmaker of Raw, a breakout horror movie about a young university student who eventually succumbs to cannibalism, isn’t surprised by this. Raw had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, where it received acclaim for its uniqueness and take on the coming-of-age genre. It’s also a wonderful addition for fans of body horror (the waxing scene just sprang to mind viscerally), and Titane is said to follow in that tradition. Ducournau is building a name for herself in the strange horror genre, and perhaps, American viewers will notice before she is picked up by a major studio.


The film’s autumn release date may appeal to horror fans seeking something to watch around the Halloween season, but it might also signal that NEON is preparing an awards campaign for it. With their own picture, Titane, breaking the barrier for “foreign” films by winning Best Picture, perhaps Titane will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor (although something tells me that this might shock the Academy instead of titillating).

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Julia Ducournau’s Palme d’Or winner TITANE hits theaters everywhere on Oct 1.




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