Jungle Cruise Shattered Box Office On Its First Week

Jungle Cruise Shattered Box Office

It would be fascinating to watch whether Disney’s Jungle Cruise deviates from its expected $32.5M opening after a strong Friday of $13.378M. With that performance, the Dwayne Johnson-Emily Blunt movie surpasses Skyscraper ($24.9M) and Rampage Rampage ($35.7M) in terms of its premiere. Jungle Cruise is also outpacing Cruella ($21.5M), a 3-day family film that was also available on Disney+ Premier for $29.99.

Jungle Cruise Shattered Box Office

This implies when people go to the movies during the epidemic, they’re choosing to view them on the most expensive screens available. The West (nine of the top ten cinemas were located in this area), Midwest, and Southeast were the greatest markets for Jungle Cruise.

Disney, while being sued by Scarlett Johansson for changing the distribution strategy on Black Widow, is probably unrepentant about continuing with a dynamic window on Jungle Cruise in the face of the delta variation, as well. Out of worry for the virus, Paramount pulled Clifford the Big Red Dog from eOne last night.

It is Disney’s position that families are hesitant to come out while the virus is still there, so they want to give consumers the option of when and where to see the movie. Meanwhile, some in the industry have begun to frown at Disney’s decision to keep its theme parks open. In fact, Disney was a major force in getting the state of California to relax its Covid regulations so that Disneyland could open again. check out behind the scenes of Jungle Cruise below.

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