Jungle Cruise: Starring Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt First Clip Drops

The first Clip of Jungle Cruise Featuring Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt is released by Fandango. Check out the clip below


With wisecracking captain Frank Wolff and intrepid scholar Dr. Lily Houghton, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey aboard Disney’s Jungle Cruise, a rollicking thrill-ride down the Amazon. Lily arrives at the Amazon rainforest from London, England, and enlists Frank’s dubious skills to navigate her downriver aboard La Quila, his rickety but lovely canoe. Lily is hell-bent on discovering an ancient tree with unrivaled healing powers—one with the potential to transform medicine forever. When the odd team is thrown together on this epic journey, they face a slew of perils and mystical powers, all of which lie in the lush rainforest’s deceiving beauty. As the mysteries of the lost tree are revealed, the stakes for Lily and Frank become even higher, and their fate—and that of mankind—hangs in the balance. Jungle Cruise First Trailer Take A Look

Jungle Cruise: Starring Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt ciip

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