Kate Winslet praises Andrea Riseborough’s performance in ‘To Leslie’ as “the greatest female performance on-screen I have ever seen in my life”

Kate Winslet praises Andrea Riseborough's performance

Andrea Riseborough‘s performance in ‘To Leslie‘ has been called the “greatest female performance on screen I have ever seen in my life” said Kate Winslet.

Demi Moore hosted a screening, where Kate Winslet praised her ‘Lee’ and ‘The Palace’ co-star Andrea Riseborough and her film ‘To Leslie.’

“To Leslie” is inspired by true events, the gritty To Leslie centers on a West Texas single mother who wins a modest $190,000 sum only to squander it in short order. Years later, with her charm running out and nowhere to go, she fights to rebuild a life and find redemption.

Kate Winslet praises Andrea Riseborough's performance

The film stars Andrea Riseborough as Leslie Rowlands, Allison Janney as Nancy, Marc Maron as Sweeney, Andre Royo as Royal, James Landry Hebert as Pete, Owen Teague as James, and Stephen Root as Dutch.

On Instagram, Edward Norton praised “I don’t post a lot about films or actor performances…maybe I should more often. But for those interested in really great acting I’ll share that Andrea Riseborough’s portrayal in ‘To Leslie’ just knocked me sideways. It’s about the most fully committed, emotionally deep, physically harrowing performance I’ve seen in a while. Just raw & utterly devoid of performative BS. It’s a tough but really elegant and compassionate film (by Michael Morris) where the emotion is really earned. I happened to catch it and, wow, I was really staggered by the depth she reached. Very rare. Check it”

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