Kevin Feige has no interest in taking over Lucasfilm

Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige has no interest in taking over Lucasfilm He’s fully committed to Marvel Studios

Kevin Feige The man behind Marvel Success. Currently, he was the president of Marvel Studios. currently, there is news about fiege taking over Lucasfilm. through a new report from Variety claims that sources close to Feige confirm that he has “no ambition” to take over Lucasfilm. According to sources from Variety, “There were rumors that Feige would take further ownership of Lucasfilm after it was revealed in 2019 that he would make a Star Wars film. Insiders say Feige is fully focused on his Marvel responsibilities and has no desire to lead Lucasfilm or play a larger role.” Kevin Feige Reveals the canceled Doctor Strange cameo in the WandaVision finale

Kevin Feige
<strong>Kevin Feige</strong>

Not only does Feige seem uninterested in leading the studio, but he has previously said that he has little interest in working on any Star Wars project other than the one he is actually working on.

“No, it’s not true. Kathy Kennedy, that’s all there is to it “When asked if he would be interested in Lucasfilm’s live-action movie, Feige told Entertainment Weekly that he would. “I’m interested in the sense that I sit up until midnight L.A. time to catch up with new episodes of The Mandalorian as they come out.”


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