Kevin Feige Reveals the canceled Doctor Strange cameo in the WandaVision finale

Kevin Feige Reveals

Kevin Feige Reveals that Doctor was going to appear in the finale episode of wandavision but was removed later. The mysterious commercials in the show were initially intended as messages to Wanda from strange.

Previously In the final episode of wandavision Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) was signed to appear at the climax. Unfortunately, marvel had decided to drop the scene of dr strange warning Wanda. Kevin Feige recently explained that the news was right. Marvel had already announced Wanda to appear in Doctor Strange In Multiverse of madness, marvels plan was to give an important role to wanda in the movie. Kevin Feige Reveals in a recent interview.

Kevin Feige Reveals

Wanda is now far away from her hometown she is alone now. And she is busy learning her new Scarlett witch power. She also reading and knowing about Sorcerer Supreme.

Kevin Feige Reveals

“Wanda had to get far away before the people who have to hold her accountable got there,” Olsen recently told in a magazine. “And where she went is a place that no one could find her. Because she knows that she is going to be held accountable, and I think she has a tremendous amount of guilt.” with that guilt she needs to correct her mistakes

Kevin Feige Reveals


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