Kit Harington Has No Idea About Dane Whitman’s Future In Marvel

Kit Harington Has No Idea About Dane

After Marvel’s Eternals, Kit Harington is unclear what will happen to his character Dane Whitman. Dane, played by Kit Harington, is introduced as Sersi’s (Gemma Chan) human boyfriend. Sersi is an emotional Eternal with a great connection to humanity and Earth. Sersi dates Dane, who also works at the Natural History Museum in London while posing as a museum curator on Earth. While the film doesn’t go into great detail about Dane’s past and family, comic book aficionados know that there’s a lot more to come from Harington’s character.

Kit Harington told to Screen Rant that, I can’t really talk as to next steps of Dane’s journey. I hope there will be, and it’s one of the reasons I took the role. It hopefully sets him up for some stuff in the future, which could be really exciting. If you’re a comic book fan, you might have ideas about what that is. But I’ve no idea at this point.

It’s just exciting to kind of delve into this. It’s gonna be a cool ride.

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Who Is Dane Whitman/Black Knight?

Dane is the third character to hold the Black Knight superhero identity in the Marvel Comics world. Dane gets a supernatural sword that contains a curse and requires him to accept the Black Knight moniker in order to restore respect to it. He is a descendant of the original Black Knight (Sir Percy) and the nephew of the Black Knight supervillain (Nathan Garrett). Dane has been a member of the Avengers in many forms for a long time, including the Defenders, Heroes for Hire, Ultraforce, and MI: 13. In 1990, he has featured in a four-issue miniseries as well as two one-shots in 1996 and 2007. In addition, in 2015, he played the lead in Marvel’s short-lived Black Knight series.

Kit Harington Has No Idea About Dane

As the Black Knight, Garrett was a supervillain and a member of the original Masters of Evil. After Garrett died in a fight with Iron Man, Whitman inherited

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Whitman holds the Ebony Blade as the Black Knight, which is enchanted to cut through any substance, shield its user from death, and deflect and defend against magic. Whitman also rides Aragorn, a winged horse that is the result of his genetic experimentation (Aragorn has also been ridden by Brunnhilde, the original Valkyrie).

Though Whitman prefers to be a hero like Sir Percy rather than a criminal like his uncle, he nonetheless joins the Masters of Evil in his uncle’s place with the goal of infiltrating them and bringing them to justice alongside the Avengers.

The heroes, on the other hand, are suspicious of Whitman’s motives, suspecting that he is plotting to deceive them until he proves them wrong.

the legacy of the Black Knight, which had been passed down through his family since the era of King Arthur’s Camelot when it originated with Whitman’s ancestor Sir Percy of Scandia.

Interestingly, Sir Percy of Scandia, the original Black Knight, actually predates Marvel Comics, having debuted in the publisher’s Atlas Comics days as a fantasy hero before being incorporated into the lore of the Marvel Universe.

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Whitman vowed to return the mantle to its heroic origins, eventually discovering the true legacy of the Black Knight, the so-called Ebony Blade, a sword that was created by Merlin in the era of Camelot. The Ebony Blade, enchanted with immense yet corrupting power, was rumored to be able to be wielded only by the pure of heart for generations (this proved out not to be true – we’ll reveal the true enchantment of the Ebony Blade shortly).

In the post-credits scene of Eternals, we can see a rise of the Black Knight with references to the Ebony Blade. Although Harington as Dane Whitman doesn’t have much screen time in Marvel’s latest film, we can expect more screen of marvel films in the future.

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