Kung Fu Hustle 2 First Look Revealed, Stephen Chow Is Returning

Kung Fu Hustle 2 First Look Revealed

The first look at Kung Fu Hustle 2 has been revealed. The original film was released in 2004. The film has been described as an action-comedy, which is directed by Stephen Chow. he will be returning to direct the sequel. check out the first look below.

Kung Fu Hustle 2 First Look Revealed

The first look hinted that Stephen Chow will return to his titular character Sing, a loser in life who aspires to join the Axe Gang. He specializes in the Fut Gar Buddhist Palm technique. After the Beast beats Sing to the brink of death, Sing “resets his qi flow”, releasing the natural-born kung fu master within.

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It’s been a decade since fans are waiting for the sequel. In 2019, Kung Fu Hustle 2 is officially confirmed. Kung Fu Hustle received positive reviews and grossed US$17 million in North America and US$84 million in other regions.

The original film synopsis follows, “When the hapless Sing (Stephen Chow) and his dim-witted pal, Bone (Feng Xiaogang), try to scam the residents of Pig Sty Alley into thinking they’re members of the dreaded Axe Gang, the real gangsters descend on this Shanghai slum to restore their fearsome reputation. What gang leader Brother Sum (Danny Chan) doesn’t know is that three legendary retired kung fu masters (Yu Xing, Dong Zhihua, Chiu Chi-ling) live anonymously in this decrepit neighborhood and don’t take kindly to interlopers.”

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