Lady Gaga Covers The Latest Issue Of The Hollywood Reporter

Lady Gaga Covers The Hollywood Reporter

Lady Gaga in Schiaparelli falls haute couture 2021 for The Hollywood Reporter by AB+DM.


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“I made an exchange when I decided to pursue my career the way I did, I didn’t know what this exchange would be like, but it happened. And in many ways, I feel like I’ve lost everything.” — Lady Gaga for The Hollywood Reporter.

Lady Gaga Covers The Hollywood Reporter

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“That album was so difficult, almost every day I went into the studio, I didn’t want to be there.” — Lady Gaga on her Chromatica album.

“Her performance in House of Gucci is one that will cement Gaga, not as an acting singer, but as a full-fledged actress, and confirms that the 2019 Academy Award nomination for Best Actress was no rookie luck.”

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Her interpretation of Patrizia is a feminist one – that what drove a woman to murder was going unseen and unheard by the men around her. “I can assure you, you should never put a hit out on your husband,” Gaga says. “But my love and best wishes and my heart go out to all of us women who try to survive and matter in a man’s world. While lots of men were trying to figure out what piece of this pie they were going to get to keep, while they were watching the money, they should have been watching her. And because they didn’t pay attention to her, they lost everything.”

Lady Gaga Covers The Hollywood Reporter
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