Leighton Meester Cast In Hulu’s How I Met Your Father In a Recurring Role

Leighton Meester Cast In Hulu’s How I Met Your Father

Leighton Meester joins Hulu’s How I Met Your Father (starring Hilary Duff) in a recurring role in the “How I Met Your Mother” sequel series.

According to TV Line, On Tuesday, during the premiere Musician, Jesse struggled to tell Hilary Duff Sophie his ex-bandmate and one woman he had ever loved, Meredith. Explain that you refused. The video above shows the moment he kneeled down and suggested to Meredith at the show. But before he asks a question, Meredith is sorry to Jesse, and she says she can’t marry him. At that time, Jesse gets up, takes a step back, and accidentally falls off the stage. Leighton Meester is currently recording her first solo album in Europe, ” Jesse tells Sophie. “And I’m known all around the city as Mr. #ProposalFail.”

Leighton Meester Cast In Hulu’s How I Met Your Father

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Marissa made her television debut in 1999 with the role of Alyssa Turner in Law and Order. Leighton appeared as a guest in two more series before landing her big role in the movie Hangman`s Curse, based on the best-selling book by Frank Peretti. At the same time, she also bagged guest roles in other series such as Crossing Jordan, 8 Simple Rules, 7th Heaven, Veronica Mars, 24, and Entourage. She is best known for playing Blair Waldorf in the teen drama series Gossip Girl.

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