Lili Reinhart Covered the Latest Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

Lili Reinhart Covered the Latest Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

Lili Reinhart covers the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Reinhart was photographed by Emilynn Rose. Reinhart was born on September 13, 1996, She is best known for portraying Betty Cooper on The CW teen drama series Riverdale and Annabelle in Lorene Scafaria’s black comedy crime drama film Hustlers (2019). See the images below.

Lili Reinhart shared her experience through Riverdale,

“I learned a lot from the film, from how to love the characters, the setting or the community of Riverdale. Not many people know how hard I put my heart and soul into the role through each episode. I grew up with the movie.

Acting is like a muscle, you have to practice. I really feel fortunate that over the past six years, this series has given me a great opportunity to practice my acting skills, and experience a life that is different from the real one.”


When asked about memorable memories during the filming, Reinhart shared:

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“Probably in the first episode. At that time, we were singing and dancing, twirling around the chair. Casey or KJ (Reinhart’s co-star in Riverdale ) suddenly tripped to the floor. Working with people is always fun. We laughed together while singing and dancing in the movie. The film days were great. Everyone makes me laugh a lot. It’s lucky for me to work with witty people every day.”

SOURCE: Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

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