‘Loki Broke The Reality’ Which Leads To Timeline Split As Warned The Ancient One


Owen Wilson’s character Mobius tells Loki that when he took the Tesseract he broke reality, and we see that the timeline has split in multiple places, which is exactly what the Ancient One said would happen in Avengers: Endgame…


Loki’s snatching of the tesseract created an alternate timeline or reality which causes the reality “in progress” to follow a new path of events, instantaneously destroying or negating the chain of events that would have transpired if the tesseract had not been taken at this moment. This is the classic paradox of time travel: When you travel backward in time you are creating a loop or “short circuit”. The moment you touch down in the timeline you were a participant in, you begin to create a chain of dependent events that has a “life” or timeline of their own, an alternate reality to the one that was in progress before touching down or “reentry”. In the strictest sense (in the world of fantasy) the prior chain of events is destroyed all the way back to your point of time reentry.

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Loki Caught by Time Variance Authority (TVA), who are a group of people who monitor the timeline. In the comics, the TVA has dedicated itself to keeping up with every reality that exists and making sure nothing goes wrong.


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