Loki: Chris Hemsworth Voiced Throg In Episode 5

Loki: Chris Hemsworth Voiced Throg

Chris Hemsworth appears to have had a role in Loki after all, but not the one we expected. Kate Herron, the series’ lead writer, confirmed in a recent interview with the podcast Views from the 616 that the Australian actor did, in fact, return to record lines as Throg, The Frog of Thunder. He made grunts, to be precise.

Loki: Chris Hemsworth Voiced Throg

During the newest episode of Marvel’s new Disney+ series, the amphibious Norse God made a surprise guest appearance. He was immediately shown to be an alien Void dweller urgently attempting to escape a glass jar buried beneath the earth. Herron stated on the podcast that Hemsworth was an active participant in the performance and that no previous audio was used for the piece, contrary to popular belief.

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In 1986, Throg made his debut appearance in Thor Vol. 1 #364. Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1 from 2009 debuted a new variant. He began as a man called Simon Walterson, who was cursed to live the rest of his life as a frog following a run-in with a witch. This is followed by a crazy tale that concludes with Walterson wielding a version of Mjolnir that changes him into Throg, an amphibious with Thor’s abilities.

Loki: Chris Hemsworth Voiced Throg

Throg has since become a popular joke among Marvel fans, so it was wonderful to see him in the play with the Thanos Copter, another humorous Easter egg. Producer Eric Martin recently stated that Loki, who appears on the show as a Thor variation, was initially intended for a greater part. Perhaps this implies there’s still a chance we’ll see Hemsworth play the part on a greater scale in the future.


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