Loki: Episode 3 Review: Both Loki’s Rule The Multiverse

loki and lady loki

The latest episode of Loki is attracting a lot of Doctor Who similarities. On Wednesday (23 June), the third episode of Disney Plus’ Marvel series was published, and it followed the God of Mischief (Tom Hiddleston) after he met Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino) at the close of the previous episode.

Loki: Episode 3 Review: Both Loki's

It follows the two as they go through time from the TVA headquarters to the planet Lamentis-1 in the year 2077, where they face an apocalypse. The rest of the episode is spent trying to get away before it collides with a moon. Mobius Plays Here The major part.


Last week’s unveiling of the other Loki – a variation who our variant is meant to be helping the Time Variance Authority stop – was fascinating and well-crafted, with the TVA perhaps being duped into believing Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief had abandoned them. Of fact, given his proclivity for double and triple crossing, he may have – but the audience’s perspective differs significantly from that of the Time Variance Authority’s temporal agents.


We pick off where we left off, with the exception of an opening sequence that demonstrates how our new Loki was able to obtain the top-secret information she sought.

The latest episode of Loki is attracting a lot of Doctor Who similarities. On Wednesday (23 June), the third episode of Disney Plus' Marvel series was published

So far, the time-hopping series has had a Doctor Who vibes to it, which is underlined this week with a trip not just across time but also through space. Though the action shifts from Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius and Loki’s glorious back-and-forth to a more combative sequence of scenes – at least initially – between the two Loki, their chemistry remains strong; I particularly enjoyed the playful exchange about the sexuality of the God (or Gods) of Mischief.

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Aside from the delightfully vintage, purposefully prosaic aesthetics of the TVA’s surroundings, this episode also features some brilliantly colorful and diverse set design.

Given the quality of their TV-based production on the service thus far, it appears like Marvel has found a natural home on Disney Plus. Loki continues to be a fantastic showcase for the various varied experiences that the Disney Plus MCU series have provided us so far, with a phenomenal one-shot action sequence finishing off this episode.



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