Loki Episode 4: The Nexus Event Review TVA Shows Up True Identity

Loki Episode 4: The Nexus Event – We’ve crossed the halfway point in the series that’s wrapping up an Avengers: Endgame loose thread in an appropriately devious and highly entertaining manner. Loki’s shaky truce with his time-and-space-hopping counterpart, Sylvie, has been cemented after a memorable train ride together. As a side note, I know I talk a lot about the chemistry between the characters on Loki, but I think it’s mainly because Tom Hiddleston has amazing chemistry with everyone he ends up spending extended exchanges of speech with – and Sophia Di Martino, who portrays Sylvie, is no exception.

Last week’s cliffhanger was Loki and Sylvie’s inability to leave Lamentis-1 as it was being demolished around them — in a sequence ingeniously crafted as a single shot – so the stakes for the fourth episode couldn’t be greater.

Loki Episode 4: The Nexus Event Review

The TVA – especially Agent Mobius, played with appealingly laid-back world-weariness by a great Owen Wilson (who also bounced off Hiddleston’s Loki brilliantly in their moments together) – were almost totally missing last week due to our focus on Loki and Sylvie getting to know one other. Thankfully, they return this week – and not only do they return, but they return in a major manner, with a few behind-the-scenes glimpses and discoveries hitting the Minutemen that explain just how they, well…tick.

There are some very shocking moments in this episode, as well as at least one unexpected character cameo (with a casual mention of vampires existing being a cleverly off-hand bit of universe building). I’ve gone this far without discussing Natalie Holt’s amazing soundtrack, which gives a wonderfully broad and musically daring backdrop to the onscreen action, masterfully combining pulsating, synth-led ambiance and more classical-feeling strings where necessary. Director Kate Herron deserves a lot of credit for creating such a visually and aurally distinct atmosphere for Loki’s adventures; it’s quite remarkable that the MCU has been able to branch out in such interesting ways post-Endgame, at a time when it seemed like there was nowhere else for the cinematic universe to go.

The post-credits scene leads to upcoming episodes which is an high spoiler alert.

Loki Episode 4: The Nexus Event Review


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