Loki Episode 6 Review: Set Upon A End To Season 2- Loki Will Return

Loki Episode 6 Review

Loki Episode 6 confirms that this show is possibly the most creative & most profound piece of entertainment Marvel has ever made. The finale is absolutely insane and delivers on everything that’s been set up since episode 1, as well as set Phase 4 on an amazing path.


Miss Minutes did make a short (jump fright) cameo at the Citadel at the End of Time, but I’m afraid I have to disappoint supporters of the notion that she is the main antagonist. Instead, we encounter “He Who Remains,” a character who is never given a name but is clearly a reincarnation of Kang. Many people guessed it, so I don’t believe it was a huge surprise for the majority of viewers, but it was still a fun way to introduce the character.


Mobius and Hunter B-15 team together at the TVA to expose to the other agents that they’ve been duped. When she’s not deviating from her timeline, Ravonna (who goes by the name Rebecca and works as a school principal on Earth) is still sure that her efforts were not in vain. That shows a true commitment to the cause. She resists Mobius but refuses to prune him again, claiming that he has deceived her. Miss Minutes/Kang gave her some fascinating data, and she’s now on her way to find free choice… whatever that means.

At the end of the series, Kang explains how the TVA came to be, why it is still in operation, and how there are only two possible outcomes. Either the Lokis kill him, or the chronology branches endlessly, allowing other Kang multiversal personas to conquer this reality. Or, in order to avoid apocalyptic upheaval, Sylvie and Loki might take over the TVA and rule it as they see appropriate.


Kang’s portrayal was extremely fascinating. It had a comical craziness to it, yet it didn’t appear to be frightening or threatening in the least. He was a little crazy, but not cruel, for someone who lived for millennia, mainly alone, to keep cosmic peace. I nearly said he was silly, which wasn’t how I expected to meet him, but it was a nice change of pace.


Sylki is now a canon. Even now, at the conclusion of the season, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I did want them to explain the nature of their connection. They kissed, but it was also a betrayal. It’s difficult to say whether this can be saved, but then again, they’re Lokis, and betrayal is in their blood.

Loki Episode 6 Review

I felt Loki was being reasonable when he asked Sylvie to think about what Kang had said for a second. They didn’t know whether he was telling the truth, but Loki had a good point about not wanting to kill him and unleash something worse. Finally, Sylvie couldn’t trust Loki, and Loki couldn’t trust Sylvie. It’s a never-ending cycle for them. So, before murdering Kang, Sylvie duped Loki and shoved him into a vortex that went back to the TVA. She didn’t appear pleased after that, simply weeping on the floor, alone at the end of the day.

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Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius was correct: time moves differently in the TVA.


So here we are, at the end of not only Loki’s fantastic first series but also of time, with Loki and Sylvie (both Loki Variants who had some help from a few other Lokis) poised to discover who lurks in the house beyond the void – and who is really behind the TVA, the Sacred Timeline’s supposed protectors.

At the very least, we find out who is in the home at the end of it all. There’s plenty of gripping exposition, expertly managed drama, and the truly outstanding performances we’ve come to expect from the whole cast. At the conclusion, your jaw will most likely be on the floor — and please don’t miss the scene after the credits. For the sake of not ruining anything, that’s all I’ll say about the episode’s substance. If you want to avoid spoilers, there are a few timelines on social media that you should avoid. Spoiler Alert

Loki Episode 6 Review

Everyone has already fallen in love with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki; his connection with everyone is amazing to see – I believe he is a lovely Asgardian God of Mischief – but it’s surprising how much we have also fallen in love with his pals. Agent Mobius, the laid-back field agent with an odd love of jetskis, Sylvie, the (literally) enchanting, hellbent-on-vengeance Loki Variant with a heartbreaking backstory – and even last week’s brilliant crew of Loki Variants, including Richard E. Grant’s wonderful, powerful Classic Loki and Alligator Loki (played by a huge number of pixels and polygons), to name just two.

It’s sad to see the series come to an end; it’s been a brilliantly written, excellently performed, magnificently soundtracked pleasure with some incredible production design. Though it began with the goal of closing up a loose end in a movie, the series’ sheer ingenuity and excellent execution has seen it expand well beyond its glorious objective to become so much more.

Loki will return in season 2.


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