Loki Season 2 Filming Status Is Still Active and Not Yet Wrapped

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Loki Season 2 filming status is still active. The rumors spread around the internet that “The filming for Loki season 2 has wrapped up” were false. Most recently, an image featuring Owen Wilson was spread with rumors that it was the Loki production team celebrating the season 2 wrap, but it was actually taken at a birthday party. The series will wrap filming by late December. The series will premiere on Disney+ in mid-2023.

Loki Season 2

In Season 2, Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as Loki, alongside Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Eugene Cordero, Tara Strong, Owen Wilson, and Sophia Di Martino. The series is written by Eric Martin, with the duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead directing the majority of episodes. 


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The plot details are kept secret at the Marvel Database. The filming began in June 2022 at Pinewood Studios. The series is part of Phase 5 of the MCU.

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With six episodes, Loki Season 2 will premiere on Disney+ in mid-2023.


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