Loki Season: Before Being An Varient Mobius Had A Backstory Kate Herron Revealed

Loki Season: Before Being An Varient

Last Wednesday, Loki’s first season ended, but the show’s post-credits announced that Tom Hiddleston will be back for a second season. Kate Herron, who is moving on to other projects, will not be directing season two. Herron, on the other hand, seems to have enjoyed her experience on the show and has been talking about it since the season ended. The character Mobius M. Mobius, performed by Owen Wilson, was one of the Loki topics that came up. Although nothing is known about the character before he was kidnapped by the TVA, Herron claims that the show almost contained flashes of his previous existence.

Loki Season: Before Being An Varient

“So I think we all sort of realized we don’t know what it is yet. I believe there were a couple of versions of the screenplay where you could see a family or a life, but I think we all realized we don’t know what it is yet. Isn’t that thrilling? Because it allows him to go on a long stretch of road. And I believe it’s much worse when he says things like, ‘What if I had a family?’ as he’s about to be removed. Because I’m not sure where the authors will take his character, whether he did or did not “Herron clarified the situation.

There might be some reason all TVA agents are stuck in the timeline. “I believe it sort of ripples through everyone in the TVA because you see how much it impacts her and what she does because of what she sees,” she added, using B-15 as an example. So, at least for this section of the series, we didn’t feel compelled to do flashbacks. But, yes, I believe the authors and I had discussed it and investigated it with the studio. But, in terms of when things started to line up, I believe we all decided that it’s really better to play it out this way, and then it can be left open for further investigation.

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Loki will return in season 2. hope there will be a backstory for Mobius


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