Loki: Sylvie & Tom Hiddleston Ties A Strong Bond In Lamentis

Loki: Sylvie & Tom Hiddleston

Loki’s sexuality was officially established in Loki’s most recent episode, “Lamentis,” and Loki’s gender flexibility will hopefully be addressed soon as well. Tom Hiddleston and series writer Michael Waldron have hinted that this would be explored in the season, which is good.

Another theme that will be addressed is love, with Waldron revealing that “‘some love tales‘” will be told throughout the season. Waldron also teased that “one of the love stories you could see in Loki” would be between the two stars, comparing it to Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio’s roles in Catch Me If You Can.


Waldron’s post is just a picture of Loki and Sylvie standing next to each other, with director Kate Herron, Sophia Di Martino, and Tom Hiddleston tagged. Cigarettes After Sex’s rendition of Brooks & Dunn’s “Neon Moon,” a song about a brokenhearted man yearning for his former sweetheart, is playing over it.

Given the amount of resentment both Lokis have for themselves and each other, Waldron’s implication could be that they will learn to love themselves rather than romantically fall in love with each other.


Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, puts on a show to hide his own flaws, while Di Martino despises the name Loki, maybe due to her own identity difficulties. Throughout the episode, fans watched the two of them hardly tolerate one another, so perhaps, with time, they’ll come to love themselves and, in turn, one other.



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