Lost Ollie Trailer: A Search For A Lost Toy Starring Jonathan Groff

Lost Ollie Trailer: A Search For A Lost Toy Starring Jonathan Groff

(yes, you’re gonna cry)

Netflix released a new trailer for Shannon Tindle’s Lost Ollie. starring Jonathan Groff, Gina Rodriguez, Mary J. Blige, and Jake Johnson. The series was created by Shannon Tindle and is based on the 2016 children’s book Ollie’s Odyssey by William Joyce. Lost Ollie follows a lost toy as he searches across the countryside for the boy who lost much more than a best friend. Watch the trailer below.

Lost Ollie‘ official plot synopsis follows, Oswald is a favorite. Of all the toys in Billy’s home, the stuffed rabbit takes top rank: everywhere Billy goes, so goes Oz. But being a favorite is more than a privilege—it’s also fraught with danger. Because of Zozo. Zozo has never been a favorite. An amusement park prize who was never chosen, Zozo has grown so bitter that, when the amusement park closes, he seeks revenge on every toy lucky enough to be a favorite. He wants them all to become The Lost, and even better, Forgotten. When Billy accidentally leaves Oz under the table at a wedding, Oz finds himself on an unplanned adventure, kidnapped by the nefarious Zozo and his gang of creeps, and faced with the momentous task of saving not only himself, but all the other stuffies who are “lost” as well…

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With nods to Toy Story and Knuffle Bunny, but with that insoucient joie de vivre that is all William Joyce’s and Moonbot’s own, here’s a look at what REALLY goes on with your stuffed animals when the lights are out.

Lost Ollie Trailer: A Search For A Lost Toy Starring Jonathan Groff

The series is directed by Peter Ramsey, starring Jonathan Groff as Ollie, Mary J. Blige as Rosy, Tim Blake Nelson as Zozo, Gina Rodriguez as Momma, Jake Johnson as Daddy, and Kesler Talbot as Billy.

Lost Ollie will premiere on Netflix on August 24, 2022.

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