Netflix Lucifer season 5 Part 2 Will Be Releasing On May 2

In May, the second half of Lucifer season 5 will be released on Netflix. Tom Ellis plays the Devil, who has fled his hellish world and taken up running a nightclub in Los Angeles in the season. Even though Lucifer is now one of Netflix’s most famous series, it first aired on Fox. It broadcast for three seasons there before being canceled, allowing the streamer to pick it up.


Netflix decided to break Lucifer season 5 into two parts due to its larger episode count. The first half of the book was published in August of last year, and it continued the story of Lucifer’s return to Hell. Soon after, his evil twin Michael appeared in Los Angeles, posing as Lucifer and plotting to ruin his life.

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They’ve finally gotten their response. On Monday, Netflix revealed that Season 5 Part 2 of Lucifer would premiere on May 28. That’ll be in a little more than two months. Although it is not from the new episodes, the streamer confirmed the news with a photo of Lucifer and his love Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

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