‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel ‘Furiosa’ Starring Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy Filming Has Begun

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel ‘Furiosa’ Filming Has Begun

The ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ prequel ‘Furiosa’ starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth filming has begun. Hemsworth shared the filming status through a Twitter post. he quoted “A new journey in the Mad Max saga begins”. Furiosa is based on Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa character from 2015’s ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.

‘Furiosa’ is directed by George Miller, Miller co-wrote the script with Nick Lathouris. Miller calls the sequel “a saga,” which will unspool over a 15-year period, differing from its predecessor which spanned three days in its timeframe.

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John Seale will return as the film’s cinematographer. Speaking to New York Times, Seale told “On ‘Fury Road,’ I told George, ‘If anybody else rings, I’m retired. If you ring, we’ll have lunch.’ And seven years later, he rang.”

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The film is produced by Miller’s own Australian-based Kennedy Miller Mitchell banner, together with “Fury Road” partner Warner Bros. Pictures.

Furiosa Release Date?

Furiosa will hit theaters on May 24, 2024.

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