Malignant: James Wan Returns Once Again Return To Horror Thriller

Malignant: James Wan Returns

With Malignant, James Wan returns to his horror origins for the first time, and the first trailer has just been released by Warner Bros. In a recent interview, James Wan discusses how Malignant differs from other horror films as well as his past work, including The Conjuring, Saw, and Insidious: Upcoming Line’s new picture is a return “to my horror origins, more visceral and primal.” check out the trailer below

Madison Mitchell (Annabelle Wallis) is a character in Malignant who has strange and scary dreams of horrible killings. Madison will be forced to confront her clearly tumultuous past in order to halt the killings and rescue herself. check out the poster below

Malignant: James Wan Returns

Wan used the chance to produce a smaller, more personal picture in the between of two massive DCEU films after working on Aquaman and waiting for a sequel.

Wan insisted on keeping Malignant’s identity a secret. Even the title’s meaning demonstrates that “this is a tough picture to discuss without giving too much away,” as Wan admits. “ I’m a big lover of films with many meanings. With Saw, we definitely accomplished something that related to the visceral component of a tool, but it also touched on a voyeuristic aspect at the same time. The same can be said about Malignant; I received the impression that this title completely summed up the tone of the picture, the narrated subject, and the tinge of medical dread it carries. In a nutshell, it appears appropriate.”

Malignant will release on 8 September (UK) – 19 September (USA)


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