Malignant Review: James Wan Gives An Full-Fledged Horror Treat

Malignant Review

Malignant is one the best horror flick in recent times. James Wan’s new film to remain hidden for long, given our era of social media and the urge to speak about crazy and surprising things. there are lot of surprises in the film that you should experience by watching the film. if you love conjuring franchise you will also love Malignant. Wan has made a full-fledged horror treat with lot of twists, a picture that doesn’t so much terrify you as it delights you with progressively bizarre revelations.

Malignant Review

We meet Madison Mitchell (Wallis) as she is dragged into the world of brutal killings, and she must delve into her history to discover the truth about the individual who has been perpetrating these atrocities. With the help of her younger sister Sydney (Hasson), as well as Detective Shaw (Young) and Detective Moss (White), she tries to figure out who is responsible for the heinous killings.

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The plot revolves around a woman who finds herself entangled in a string of murders and must go into her history to discover her link to the perpetrator. This is a story that should be seen in its entirety, as it will take you in unexpected directions while keeping most of the storyline hidden in the trailer. I’m going to leave the key points out of this review and instead focus on some of the other entertaining aspects of the narrative. Even if there are too many individuals eager to wander into dark rooms, the chemistry between the characters will give us a natural reaction to what is going on. Part of the story feels as if it doesn’t want to commit to just one set of circumstances driving the plot, which slows down some of the action but could also be utilised to offer us two separate perspectives on how things are playing out. Overall the movie is just awesome.

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