Margot Robbie Confirms There’s No ‘Birds Of Prey’ Sequel In Development

Margot Robbie Confirms-Harley Queen Is In A Decision Again There Will Be No Mess Content

DC’s Queen Margot Robbie confirms that there will be no Sequel birds of prey 2. The Birds of prey released in 2020 use dropout. However, there is a lot of expectations for the movie but it didn’t do well at the Box Office.

Margot Robbie Confirms

Birds of Prey received favorable reviews upon its initial release, with reviewers praising the film’s acting, action, and gleefully unpredictable approach to the genre. However, positive word-of-mouth did not translate into a large number of ticket purchases (and Birds of Prey came out a month before the pandemic started). Despite a $84.5 million production budget, the R-rated film only made $33 million in its opening weekend and finished its theatrical release with $201.8 million worldwide.DC movies ranking in order-wise. Because of that result, some people thought it was a flop, which may explain why a sequel to Birds of Prey was never made. And, based on Robbie’s recent tweets, a sequel does not seem to be in the works.


Margot confirmed there will be no sequel of ‘Birds Of Prey’ and she is not interested in a single appearance movie again.




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