Mark Millar Delivers An Exclusive Update About Kick-Ass 3

Mark Millar Delivers About Kick-Ass 3

After a reboot was reportedly initiated three years ago, Mark Millar shares an update on a Kick-Ass 3 adaptation. The Icon, and subsequently Image Comics, a comic, co-created by Millar and American cartoonist John Romita Jr., follows a youngster called Dave Lizewski who wants to be a real-life superhero. When his actions go viral on the Internet, he inspires a whole new generation of people to become superheroes, while also colliding with ruthless vigilantes Big Daddy and Mindy McCready (Hit-Girl) in their quest to bring down the Genovese crime family.

Mark Millar said to Screenrant about Kick-Ass 3 that “You know, it’s funny, occasionally something pops up about a third Kick-Ass, but it’s never true. What happens is, I think, one of the original actors is being interviewed about another movie and they’ll be asked, ‘Is there another Kick-Ass’ and they’ll say, ‘Well, I don’t know maybe’ and then it becomes a headline, ‘Maybe Another Kick-Ass Is Coming.’ But in reality, we’ve literally never had a conversation about it.

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I talk to Matthew Vaughn three times a week, Matthew is one of my best friends, and we’ve no plans because I’m over at Netflix and he has deal over with Apple and Kick-Ass is Universal. So there are definitely no plans, maybe at some point in the future, we do have one last story to tell, which is the big finale storyline. I kind of like the idea of that as well, because practically we can come back a little later to all the characters in different places, so there’s a potential story there at some point. But I pray that nobody reads this and mistakes that for us saying Kick-Ass 3 is in the works because there’s 100 percent no plans to do it at the moment.”

Mark Millar Delivers About Kick-Ass 3

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Millar and his Millarworld brand may be on Netflix, but his co-ownership of the Kick-Ass comics would demand his involvement in a Kick-Ass 3 sequel. Furthermore, as Vaughn continues to expand the world of Millar’s Kingsman franchise for the screen, most notably in the upcoming prequel The King’s Man, it appears likely that the Kick-Ass brand will remain dormant for a while longer while a proper angle and timing for a new project can be determined. With any chance, Millar’s vision for a series based on Patience Lee, with Tessa Thompson as the star, will be realized.

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