Marvel Studios Reportedly Searching Director For X-Men Reboot

Marvel Studios Reportedly Searching Director For X-Men Reboot

Marvel Studios reportedly began to develop the first MCU’s X-Men film. The studio is currently searching for a director. The announcement is getting closer to the fans.

Disney acquired the rights from 20th Century Fox of the entire X-Men characters. Now Marvel will reboot the entire X-Men franchise. So far there is no official mention of mutants or “X-Men” related characters in the MCU. Marvel is currently developing the live-action Fantastic Four reboot film. Jonn watt was confirmed to be the director and by the mid of 2022, the production of the X-Men Reboot film will start.

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has suggested that the new reboot version of X-Men and Fantastic Four films can already be considered canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


In an interview with Collider, Feige refers to a “20 plus history” of Marvel movies, it should be noted that the MCU — a series of interconnected films that play by the same set of continuity rules — only began 13 years ago in 2008 with Iron Man. This means that Feige is suggesting that the Marvel films before that, namely things like Fantastic Four and the X-Men franchises, can technically be considered canon in the MCU.

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On Disney+ Day celebration 2021, Marvel has officially announced X-Men ’97, a new sequel series to the beloved 1990s superhero cartoon, X-Men: The Animated Series and will release in 2023 on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar.

Marvel Studios Reportedly Searching Director For X-Men Reboot

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