Marvel’s Hawkeye New Poster Featuring Jeremy Renner, Kate Bishop & Pizza Dog

Marvel’s Hawkeye New Poster

A new poster for Marvel’s Hawkeye featuring Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop was released. The archer is pointed to the release date and starts streaming the first two episodes on November 24.

Marvel’s Hawkeye New Poster

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Clint Barton is undergoing a lot of issues. When Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop shows up with some pretty strong archery abilities, as well as dressing up as his Ronin image and pissing off criminals, things take an even worse turn for the worse. Clint attempts to take her under his wing, already feeling the urge to atone.

If you’re not getting shot at or attempting to obtain tickets for the Captain America musical, it’s not Christmas, but Clint’s anguish and blunders should make for entertaining television. To commemorate the event, Marvel has issued the show’s first official poster, which depicts the fan-favorite Pizza Dog as well as both archers in their classic getups (well, Kate’s iconic getup, Clint’s on maybe his fifth or sixth outfit by now). He’s also wearing a Santa hat because of course, he is.

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During the series, Marvel’s avenging archers will have quite the adventure ahead of them. If the gangsters weren’t bad enough, Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh, shows in to kick Clint’s arse over the Soul Stone incident. The archers will hopefully receive assistance from Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez, a deaf Native American child who would later become the superhero Echo.

Marvel’s Hawkeye will start streaming on November 24 on Disney+.


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