Marvel’s I Am Groot short Series Will Releasing In Select Screenings at the El Capitan Theatre

Marvel's I Am Groot Series Premiere Date Announced

Marvel’s I Am Groot series will have a limited theatrical release with Thor: Love and Thunder. According to a Reddit source, ‘I Am Groot’ Disney+ short “Magnum Opus” will be released in select screenings at the El Capitan Theatre from July 18 to July 24.

Is I Am Groot Series Releasing In Theaters?

Marvel's I Am Groot short Series Will Releasing El Capitan Theatre

The El Capitan Theater made this announcement as a surprise. Each episode will be playing on a daily basis “the 4:15 pm showings on July 18 & 19, and the 1 pm showings July 20-24.”

I Am Groot is based on the Marvel Comics character Groot. Vin Diesel reprises his role as the voice of Baby Groot from the MCU films. Each short follows Baby Groot as he grows up in the galaxy, going on adventures with new and unusual characters that get him into trouble. The series’ five shorts, were directed by Kirsten Lepore.

I Am Groot will premiere on Disney+ on August 10, 2022.

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