Masters of the Universe Revelation Review: A Tribute Throwback to ’80s

Masters of the Universe Revelation Review

Masters of the Universe: Revelations is a throwback to the 80s. with a reboot and continuation of the 1980s animation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the series aims to strike a balance between comedy and lighthearted campiness and dedication and emotional weight to characters that are basically modern-day cultural icons. Characters like He-Man and Skeletor are nonetheless iconic modern mythologies, even if they don’t carry the same cultural significance as they previously did. Revelations’ biggest strength is that, while it preserves the campiness of the original series, it does it with complete honesty.

The honesty with which Kevin Smith works is without a doubt the series’ greatest quality, owing in large part to the shift in focus from He-Man and his exploits to Teela. Teela was more of a supporting character in the original 1980s series, but she is now the obvious protagonist in Kevin Smith’s new series. The character, superbly voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar, taking center stage isn’t just a business attempt to increase the number of female protagonists. As previously said, the choice appears to be quite serious and genuine. Her growth over the course of the series is fascinating and a wonderful vehicle through which the audience observes the universe, and her progression makes the most sense with her taking her place in the light and He-Man taking a back seat.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s appearance, on the other hand, is only one example of an outstanding cast, each of whom is ideally suited in their respective parts. Skeletor is played by Mark Hamill, who is excellent as always. He is one of the finest living voice performers, and his voice’s timber and malice are well matched to Skeletor’s persona. Because the character had long since become a meme owing to the original material’s campiness, you required a superb performance to restore the character’s feeling of threat rather than laughing at them. Mark Hamill exudes this in spades in his portrayal of the character. As Evil-Lynn, Lena Headey is a standout. Headey has spoken about her childhood love of all things He-Man, and her excitement for the series transfers into a strong knowledge of the role and tone.

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The characters are given a genuine feeling of weight and mythology, as I previously stated. The scene where Adam turns into He-Man and summons Grayskull’s power gave me shivers because it lived up to the 40-year wait since the original animation, to which this is a spiritual successor. This isn’t to suggest that the series isn’t full of laughs and lightness; it’s far from it. Teela, for instance, has a number of quips and remarks that made me laugh, and more humorous characters like Cringer and Orko stand out in this regard.

Masters of the Universe: Revelations is a fantastic series, and it is without a doubt Kevin Smith’s greatest work as a writer, if not as a director. It shows respect for the characters, effortlessly handles many narrative threads and takes the story in a bold and exciting new direction. Teela is forced into the limelight in this series, and the combination of great writing and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s captivating performance proves that this decision was unquestionably correct. The first half of this novel is thrilling from beginning to end, and I can’t wait for the second installment to be released.

Masters of the Universe Revelation Review

Masters of the Universe: Revelations will be available on Netflix from 23rd July


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