Michael Chandler is warned by Eddie Alvarez About How Dangerous Justin Gaethje Is.

Eddie Alvarez, a former UFC champion, has fought both guys and doesn’t think Michael Chandler stands a chance against Justin Gaethje. He cares so much about Chandler that he doesn’t want him to battle “The Highlight.”


Alvarez recently told SunSport, “I think Gaethje is a poor match-up for him.” “And I believe he should avoid Gaethje,” says the narrator. For him, that’s not a nice match-up.


The UFC is considering a clash between Gaethje and Chandler, with organisation president Dana White anticipating a “fun fight.” Chandler has already expressed interest in the idea, but it will all rely on the time. He also claims that the UFC tried “a thousand times” to book the bout, but it fell through.



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