Michiel Huisman on whether or not he’s returning for The Flight Attendant season 2

Michiel Huisman has a diverse range of acting credits, ranging from Game of Thrones’ fantasy drama to The Age of Adeline’s romantic reverie to the horror of The Haunting of Hill House. The Dutch actor gets to stretch a new comic muscle as the mystery man in a one-night stand gone tragically wrong in The Flight Attendant, an HBO Max series optioned, exec produced and starring Kaley Cuoco as flight attendant Cassie. He talks about how he became Cassie’s good-guy hallucination in this scene.

Michiel Huisman has a diverse range of acting credits, ranging from Game of Thrones' fantasy drama to The Age of Adeline's romantic reverie to the horror

Michiel Huisman: There were other factors that drew me to it. First and foremost, I had never done stand-up comedy before, so it was something I’d been wanting to try for a long time since I loved watching it. And, as an actor, I believe it’s also enjoyable to work on some lighter projects now and again, you know? As a result, this felt like an excellent chance to do so, especially against someone as experienced in the genre as Kaley. But then I recall thinking to myself when I read the first episode, “Wait, how am I…?”


What’s going to happen in this situation? How am I supposed to play a character that dies halfway through the first episode?” It’s a strange phenomenon, and the idea of him returning after he dies is odd. But it’s not like he’s been brought back to life. It’s all in her brain, which I loved a lot. And I think when you say it’s like the Greek chorus, it’s oddly enough like Cassie is having a conversation with herself, but that’s just me, you know? So I thought it was really amazing and that it would be a fun thing for me to take on.



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