Moon Knight Episode 1 Review: Moon Knight Is Deadly and brutal

Moon Knight Episode 1 Review

Moon Knight Episode 1 Review: Episode 1 “The Goldfish Problem” starts premiering on Disney+. The series starts with a shop British employee Steven Grant becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of life somehow separate from his mundane one. one day Steven started believes the dreams are not a nightmare and he wakes up in unknown areas feeling like his body was hit by a bus.

Moon Knight Episode 1 Review

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Steven Grant wakes up and undoes his makeshift sleep restraints before checking in on his one-finned goldfish friend, Gus, while leaving a voicemail for his mom. He’s been sleeping terribly, and what terrible luck — he nearly misses the bus making himself late to work once again!

As Steven told to his friend, Crawley the street performer, his body is restless; it’s why he works so hard to stay awake each night. However, this all would certainly be a red flag for any potential girlfriends so he’d best nip all of this in the bud. Back home, Steven listens to a meditation app, trying to stay awake with some puzzles and some light reading on Egyptology and the Ennead. Suddenly, Steven wakes up outside somewhere in the Alps with a broken jaw! Unsure of how he got here, disembodied voice booms out of nowhere telling him to go back to sleep and “surrender the body to Marc”…

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Steven finds an intricately carved, golden scarab beetle in his pockets. Before he can make sense of anything, a group of men with guns begin to pursue him towards an Alpine village. He comes across a congregation forming around a mysterious man and does his best to blend in.

Arthur Harrow, exclaims it’s their mission to make Earth as much like Heaven as possible. He seeks volunteers who offer their souls for judgement; to serve their goddess Ammit before she wakes. As volunteers make their way up, Harrow places his crocodile cane into their palms as his scales tattoo begins to shift on his skin. One believer has deemed a good man as decreed by the scales; however, another follower is deemed unworthy. The scales see everything. Unfortunately for her, she won’t live to see the world they make together as her soul is taken.

Harrow spots Steven in the crowd; he wants the mercenary to return the scarab. Steven is shocked; he’s no mercenary — just a museum clerk from London. Steven can’t control his body from acting on its own, and it doesn’t want to give Harrow the scarab. As he blacks out, he is confused as to how his fists are bloody with the bodies of injured men surrounding him. He blacks out again and wakes up behind the wheel caught in the middle of a dangerous van chase in the Alps. 

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At the end of the episode, in the museum a deadly creature tries to kill Steven, he lock the door from the rest room and suddenly Marc appear in the mirror and told Steven to give control of his body. Steven was sure he gonna die if the creature breaks the door. atlast he give up his body to Marc Spector and transformed into Moon Knight.

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