Moon Knight Episode 2 Review: Steven Will Find The Answers

Marvel Unveiled an Exclusive TV Spot For Moon Knight

Moon Knight Episode 2 Review: Episode 2 (Me Inside of Me) starts with the end of Episode 1 when Marc Spector took over Steven’s body and unlocks the power of Moon Knight. In the first episode, we are not clear how Marc enter Steven and what was his purpose on his body.

Steven (Oscar Isaac) is searching for the answer, who was in his body, and how Harrow (Ethan Hawke) connected to this. Harrow’s incessant search for Ammit – gets more involved in episode 2. The connection between Layla (May Calamawy) is key to the whole story. Layla’s involvement starts here. Steven tells her everything happening to him in the recent days and she knows who is Marc Specter and Harrow. We are not spoiling the whole plot of Episode 2. The ending of Episode 2 is deadly that you can witness a stunning bloody fight between Moon Knight and villains.

'Moon Knight' New TV Spot Footage

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The CGI is heavy and clunky in a way that Marvel tends to avoid in upcoming episodes. in episode 2 also we could not find the origin story of how Steven turned into Moon Knight but Khonshu arrives in several places. Ammit is trying to enter the world with the help of Harrow. Khonshu wants Marc to stop Ammit from entering the world, Harrow also knows Moon Knight can stop him. This will leads to more problems for Steven.

Overall episode 2 is stunning and Isaac’s performance to balance the character is a pointed thing.

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