Moon Knight Episode 3 Review: Marc and Steven Work Together

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Moon Knight Episode 3 Review: The Moon Knight’s third episode was such an intensive action-packed episode. Episode 2 ended with Marc Spector taking control of Steven’s body. and moving from London to Cairo. Marc and Steven collaborate to work together. when trying to save the world from Arthur Harrow’s mad man to cleanse the world is a steep one, and by the end, Khonshu will be trapped in a tiny statue, and Moon Knight is essentially gone from both of their lives. That’s less than ideal because… well, they kind of need that cool Egyptian God armor to fight bad guys.

Moon Knight Episode 3 Review

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Layla is one of the highlights in episode 3, she will follow Marc to her home country of Egypt, and Layla and Marc’s love and marriage is addressed in the episode. Marc tries to hide his secret from Layla. the show didn’t confirm how long Layla was married to Marc. Khonshu already had a vision of Layla, and he told Marc after his purpose is completed. Layla will be the next chosen one.

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In episode 2 Harrow’s words about Marc’s secret is addressed in episode 3. Marc is also responsible murder of Layla’s archeologist father after a while Marc meets Layla and Layla tells him she feels like she’s barely known him.

Gaspard Thomas’s Midnight Man appeared in episode 3.

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