Moon Knight Finale Review: Jake Lockley Will Run the Upcoming Season

Moon Knight Finale Review

Moon Knight Finale Review: The final episode of ‘Moon Knight‘ is now streaming on Disney+. Ammit (Saba Mubarak) is freed now, Marc Spector is still in the trap of life and death. to stop Arthur Harrow, Khonshu must be freed, Layla find out how to release Khonshu.

In episode 6, Layla is a very important character, after freeing Khonshu, he will ask Layla to be his avatar. and she will refuse it. because Marc Spector is not on earth, Khonshu cannot enter into Marc because he is dead. Finally, Khonshu will fight Ammit, in the fight, Khonshu will fall back when Marc Spector returns.

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Marc is returned now, the bullets Harrow put into him falling out of his chest will be healed and Marc turns into Moon Knight. Steven and Marc is in the same body now, Moon Knight will fly to the pyramid, while Arrow started godly genocide in Cairo. Layla is on the way to way to help Marc and decides to trust a God who is significantly less likely to betray her: Tawaret. (Smart choice.) The pleasant and upbeat goddess is happy to take Layla as her avatar, and she is gifted powers and a suit of her own, mirroring Tawaret’s godly robes, only with one killer addition: metal wings modeled after those in Ancient Egyptian art.

Moon Knight Finale Review

The final battle started with Khonshu and Ammit and in the background, Layla, Marc, and Steven fight against Harrow. In a scene, Harrow will take over Steven, at the moment we can see his eyes closing, and next comes Harrow is down and no one has an idea about what happened. Yeah, that was Jake Lockley.

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Layla and Steven decide to defeat Ammit and drag Harrow back to the pyramid, where Ammit is inside his body. Marc refuses to kill Harrow and reclaims his own free will against Khonshu. And finally, both Marc and Steven are freed from Moon Knight. they wake up back in Steven’s flat in London, with “A Man Without Love” blaring in the background.

At the post-credits, Harrow will be released from the mental institution that (presumably) Marc locked him in, and Jake will kill Harrow. and rest we can see in season 2 of Moon Knight.

The Moon Knight Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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