Moon Knight New Leaked Footage Revealed Marc Spector The Midnight Man Start Hunting

Moon Knight New Leaked

A clip from the set of Moon Knight shows a strange person jumping through the air, which might be the first glimpse of the show’s suspected villain, Midnight Man. In 2019, Marvel Studios revealed plans for a Moon Knight Disney+ series, with Oscar Isaac set to play the lead role of Marc Spector. Because of Isaac’s possible performance and the intrigue with Moon Knight as a character with several identities, the series is one of the most anticipated of Disney+’s Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation. watch the trailer below.

The second leak of the weekend is a little hazier, but it has sent shockwaves across the Marvel fan community as predicted. The picture, which includes a “property of Marvel” disclaimer, depicts Moon Knight standing in what appears to be a toilet after dropping in from a vent above. Although the image is a bit blurry, it clearly shows the costume, which has grey flowing clothing and luminous eyes that appear to resemble one of the character’s most iconic comic book versions.

Moon Knight has been in production for a few months, but no significant information has surfaced from the set thus far. However, Instagram user Tibor pro art recorded a fresh set of footage that shows a mystery powerful figure jumping into the air. Because of the poor quality of the footage, it’s impossible to get a good look at the character, there’s a lot of conjecture that this is Moon Knight in action. However, the figure in question appears to be dressed in a largely black suit rather than Spector’s signature all-white ensemble. Instead of a glimpse at the primary character in the Moon Knight video, this might be the first look of Midnight Man in action.

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Moon Knight is scheduled to debut on Disney+ in the first half of 2022.


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