‘Mortal Kombat’ Review Reboot Fails Miserably


The reboot fails miserably because the plot is very weak and the character development of the movie was very bad. The best part of the movie is sub-zero but all the actors have shown full justice to the character one character that was missing is jhony cage another weakest part of the movie was its sloppy background score.


The movie starts with an intro of sub-zero and scorpion where the sub-zero stab scorpion and scorpion stuck in hell and waiting for a comeback to take the revenge. while the film is very irritating at the first to last. no content and no good screenplay. while the movie is all about blood and violence with poor CGI.


Overall if u have been following mortal kombat games and the animated movie that released (Mortal Kombat: Scorpions Revenge) you will be highly disappointed and another thing is mortal Kombat is all about tournament and there was not even a proper tournament in this movie and that’s another disappointment to the fans.

KEEP READING:  In early reviews, Mortal Kombat was described as "gleefully Violent."

Maxblizz Rating: 37/100

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