Morty From ‘Rick & Morty’ Has Arrived In Fortnite

Morty From ‘Rick & Morty’

Morty joins Rick (part of the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass) as a fellow combatant via the Mecha Morty Outfit, which can be found in the Item Shop among other new Morty items.

Gather all of your belongings and place them in Morty’s Backpack Back Bling. (It can only carry a Meeseeks Box, but it’s still a Meeseeks Box.) Take up the Space Snake Pickaxe to tame a Space Snake.

Look at Me! is a game where you have to look at yourself in the mirror and Wrap, every time you get an elimination, a new Mr. Meeseeks will appear on it, then disappear with each next match. (This is how they prefer it.) There’s also a Get Schwifty Emote:

Morty has discovered a method to take on adversaries for real, from the Hammerhead Morty Pickaxe to the mech suit.


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