Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained: Episode 4 starts with Kamala and her mother moving to Karachi, Pakistan. In Karachi, they met Kamala’s grandmother and she welcome them home. Once Kamala reacher her grandmother’s residence, she enter a room and spoke to her grandmother about Aisha and the bangle. Kamala’s grandmother will reveal that she is a Djinn and then tell her how cosmic powers saved her from losing her father back during the Partition when they got separated on a train ride.

When Kamala is sleeping, she had several visions of the train and the battle with the Clandestines, she then wakes up and her cousins taking her mother to visit other family members and explore well-known areas of Karachi. The adolescent now declares that she wants to alone explore the former train station.

Soon Kamala arrives at the railway station, Kamala wore a mask and explores the area alone. A masked gang suddenly attacks Kamala after thinking she is one of the Clandestines. the gang member notices the bracelet and queries Kamala about how she acquired it from Aisha. They quickly make amends, and he invites the adolescent to accompany him for additional details.

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Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

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The man in the mask takes Kamala to a hidden headquarters and introduces him as Kareem, a member of the Red Daggers, an organization run by Waleed. Then, using the same energy found in the bangle, he describes to the Kamala, how Aisha and the Clandestines came from another dimension that was separated by a veil of Noor. He continues to explain that the Clandestines will use that item of jewelry to tear apart the curtain and make their dimension open, destroying our reality in the process.

How does Ms. Marvel Episode 4 End?

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

Kamran and the other Clandestines break from the Damage Control facility holding them in a different region of the world. After escaping, Kamran’s mother abandons him because she sided with Kamala during the events of the previous episode. They will now go for the kamala’s to steal her bangle.

Kareem brings Kamala to meet his friends at a bonfire back in Karachi. After years of separation, Kamala’s mother and grandmother reunite while she is gone. The next day, Kamala is back with the Red Daggers and beginning to get training from Waleed. The Clandestines arrive to seize the bangle as this is going on. As the powered people pursue them, Waleed and Kareem take Kamala away. As Waleed breaks away from the two to stall his adversaries, a chase breaks out on Karachi’s highways. In the meantime, the Clandestines broke off to pursue the duo.

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Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained (In Detail)

Najma is able to kill Waleed despite the mayhem. Kareem and Kamala enter the old building through the opening Waleed provided, only to find themselves trapped within. The two fight against Najma’s goons, with Kareem taking down a number of them. Najma stabs Kamala’s bracelet with a knife out of desperation, setting off a blinding light. After waking up, Kamala finds herself in the middle of a crowded train station. She seems to have been moved during the Partition.

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