Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Review: Aisha’s Backstory Revealed

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Review

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Review: “Time and Again” starts with Kamala into a vision of the partition period and the backstory of Aisha, Kamala’s great-grandmother. Aisha met Hasan, Kamala’s great-grandfather in a small village both fell in love and had a baby. when the country began to split due to partition Najma finally found out about Aisha.

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Review

Aisha wants to secure her family, Najma will find Aisha and stab her with a knife for the betrayal. the MCU’s time travel applied her Kamala was reached on the exact day Aisha was wounded. Aisha activates the bangle as she hits the floor, and suddenly, we flit to Kamala, who has found herself in the same dimension after the last episode’s events. Kamala finds Aisha, and she calls her Sana. She tells Kamala to find Sana and get her on the train. at the moment Aisha will die.

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In the next scene Kamala finds out Sana and both fell into the crowd, Kamala uses her cosmic powers to help Sana and Hasan will find Sana. Kamala then returns to the current time, but the Veil is open. she tries to close but it is not closing. Kamala warns Najma that the Veil will destroy everything and she asks Najma to close it. She tells her not to take Kamran away from the family. Najma walks towards the Veil and says “Kamran” before she is reduced to her bones, and it looks like she has died. Suddenly, Kamran is hit by energy and seems to have new powers. But, this is when Kamala’s mother and grandmother turn up. They now know she’s the new superhero. She shows her grandmother a photo of Aisha, Hasan, and Sana.

In the end, Kamran meets Bruno and suddenly the Department Of Damage Control send the drones to their home.

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