MTV’s Teen Wolf Star Ian Bohen Joined The Cast Of Superman And Lois Season 2

Ian Bohen Joined The Cast Of Superman

MTV’s Teen Wolf star Ian Bohen will be joining the ‘Superman And Lois‘ season 2 with Tyler Hoechlin. Ian will play Lt Mitch Anderson, the “metaphorical new sheriff in town at the DOD,” in a multi-episode story. Those you serve and those who serve you are the two categories of people in his viewpoint. He doesn’t like the fact that Superman exists outside of that framework, and he wants to formally subjugate the Man of Steel.”


Bohen is presently a regular on Yellowstone, but he is most known for his portrayal as Machiavellian Peter Hale in the MTV werewolf thriller of the same name.


Superman & Lois season 2 will return in 2022 on CW.



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