Naked Singularity: Starring John Boyega & Olivia Cooke Heist Thriller Trailer Drops

Naked Singularity

The first trailer for ” Naked Singularity,” starring John Boyega, Olivia Cooke, Bill Skarsgard, and Ed Skrein and written by the same person who wrote “IT,” has been released.
The film was directed by Chase Palmer, who co-wrote the screenplay with David Matthews. The film was based on Sergio De La Pavy’s novel of the same name.


Casi, a young lawyer in New York, is the protagonist of the film. When a young lawyer loses a case, he begins to doubt the American justice system and his own career, which he saw as a calling. The man winds himself in the drug underworld and becomes involved in a risky robbery while looking for a means to oppose a broken system.

Naked Singularity: Starring John Boyega

The film ” Naked Singularity ” will be released in cinemas on August 6 and will be available for digital media on August 13. Ridley Scott is one of the show’s producers.



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