Neill Blomkamp’s Horror Thriller ‘Demonic’ First Trailer Out Now

Demonic: The First Trailer for the upcoming supernatural horror flick. A complete trailer is out now.


Blomkamp explained in a recent interview with EW that the film is about “a daughter who has been alienated from her mother.” Throughout the movie, she is reunited with her mother, and we learn about some bizarre backstory that she was unaware of. It’s a mix of science fiction and horror, in my opinion.” Demonic, directed by Neill Blomkamp, stars Carly Pope (Elysium), Chris William Martin (Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem), and Michael Rogers, among others (Supernatural).


Blomkamp’s now-cancelled Alien sequel and Halo adaption were both well within the director’s wheelhouse. It’s a shame he’s not associated with either of them right now, and we’re hoping he’ll return to at least one of them soon.

‘Demonic’ First Trailer for the upcoming supernatural horror flick. A complete trailer is out now. Blomkamp explained in a recent interview

You should read about Blomkamp’s plans for the Alien franchise if you haven’t already done so. It’s incredibly fantastic, and it’s miles ahead of any of the sequels we’ve seen since James Cameron’s Aliens.


If you haven’t seen District 9, you must do so immediately. The synopsis for that is as follows:


Aliens come on Earth thirty years ago, not to conquer or aid, but to seek safety from their dying planet. Multi-National United, which is indifferent about the aliens’ welfare but would do whatever to master their powerful technology, have them separated from humans in a South African territory known as District 9. When a corporation field agent (Sharlto Copley) acquires a mystery virus that alters his DNA, he has no choice but to flee to District 9.


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