Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video Will Be Regulated Like Linear Broadcasters for the First Time, Under the UK Government’s New Plans

Netflix Disney+ and Prime Video Will Be Regulated Like Linear Broadcasters

The streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video, are set to be regulated like linear broadcasters for the first time, under the UK Government’s new plans. According to Deadline, The UK regulator Ofcom, which currently monitors content on network television, will be responsible for applying and enforcing guidelines on the streaming platforms Netflix, Disney+, and other streamers, which aren’t currently subject to the Broadcasting Code.

The streamers want to ensure that their audiences are protected from harmful or offensive material, and the principles of fairness, accuracy, and privacy are all applied. If the Regulations are in any manner broke, the VoD services are liable to pay £250,000 or a figure up to 5% of the organization’s revenue.

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Netflix responds quickly to the new proposal, saying they welcome measures to update the legal framework. “We look forward to reviewing the White Paper’s other proposals and continuing to engage with the government on their plans.”

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Some Linear broadcasters are been pushing for these guidelines to be applied to streamers for several years. The policy documents also included plans to privatize Channel 4, which is owned by the government and paid for by advertising. This project has come in for widespread criticism across the British television industry.


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