Netflix dropped First Teaser For “Money Heist” (La Casa De Papel) Part 5

Netflix dropped First Teaser

Money Heist Final Season To Release In 2 Parts… First Set on 3rd September 2021. Second Set on 3rd December 2021. MONEY HEIST ON NETFLIX.

Netflix has officially announced the release date for the last season of the series, which is good news for fans of the show. In addition, the streaming behemoth has produced a powerful teaser.

<strong>MONEY HEIST</strong>

While 2WEI’s rendition of “In The End” plays in the background, the teaser captures the feelings of each gang member in slow motion. There’s a lot of action in the teaser, including gunfights and physical fights. The biggest theft in history is coming to a close, and what started as theft will turn into a battle. watch below the first teaser below


Money Heist season 5 cast

Some of the cast members of Money Heist season 5 have been announced by Netflix! rsula Corberó reprises her role as Tokio, while lvaro Morte reprises his role as El Profesor in the current season.

Itziar Ituo, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, Darko Peric, and Enrique Arce are among the cast members who have returned for Season 5.


The death of Alba Flores’ character, Nairobi, was a pivotal point in the worldwide series, and her Money Heist days are over, according to her comments in Money Heist: The Phenomenon, which is now accessible on Netflix.


Sense8’s Miguel ngel Silvestre and Patrick Criado have been cast in season 5 of Money Heist.

Money Heist season 5 plot synopsis

Money Heist season 5 has yet to get an official summary from Netflix. And, as is customary around the release date, fans shouldn’t expect to get any kind of summary of what’s going to happen in the second instalment anytime soon.

Despite the lack of official information, knowledgeable fans have a solid notion of where the plot will head in season 5.


The dramatic climax of the blockbuster International Netflix series’ fourth season left a lot of loose ends that a future chapter may pick up. Inspector Sierra has trapped the Professor, so Lisbon and the others’ prospects of escaping the bank are slim.

Netflix dropped First Teaser For "Money Heist"


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