Netflix’s live-action ‘One Piece’ Key Characters Revealed

Netflix’s live-action ‘One Piece’

The cast of Netflix’s live-action ‘One Piece’ series has been revealed. Five of the key characters joined. Iñaki Godoy (“Go, Youth!,” “Who Killed Sara?”), Mackenyu (“Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter,” “Pacific Rim: Uprising”), Emily Rudd (“Fear Street,” “Hunters”), Jacob Romero Gibson (“Greenleaf,” “All Rise”) and Taz Skylar (“Boiling Point,” “Villain”) will all-star in the series.

Monkey D. Luffy will be played by Godoy, and Roronoa Zoro will be played by Mackenyu. Nami will be played by Rudd, and Usopp will be played by Romero Gibson. Sanji will be played by Skylar. The characters are all members of the Straw Hat Pirates, the series’ heroes.

“One Piece” is based on the classic manga of the same name and follows Luffy, a young man on a quest to become the pirate king and discover the legendary “One Piece” treasure. Netflix ordered ten episodes of the show back in January. So far, 20 seasons of the “One Piece” anime series have been published, as well as 14 animated features, in addition to the manga.

On the live-action series “One Piece,” Steven Maeda acts as co-writer, showrunner, and executive producer, with Matt Owens also co-writing and executive producing. Along with Oda, Tomorrow Studios’ Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements executive produce. Netflix and Tomorrow Studios collaborated on the project, with Netflix managing physical production.

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Eiichrio Oda manga series and executive producer told Variety that “We’ve been working with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios on the massive project that is the Hollywood live-action series adaptation of ‘One Piece!’ How many years has it been since it was announced, right? I know, I know! But rest assured we’ve been making steady progress all along,”

“It’s not easy when you’re working with people from different cultures! But it’s precisely that process that can yield something special! For now, we’re able to announce the main cast! Rather, we need to hurry and announce it, or else it’ll be leaked, apparently! Hilarious, lol. Their face, the size of their mouths and hands, their aura, the way they carry themselves, their voice, their acting skills, their height, the balance amongst the Straw Hat Crew, etc…! We decided on this cast after numerous discussions involving people around the world! These are the people who will be our Straw Hat Pirates! It’ll take a bit more time to get this show done, but we’ll continue to do our best to deliver a show that we’re confident will be enjoyed by everyone around the world! Look forward to more updates in the future!”

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